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Hiccup cosplay - HTTYD 2 - WIP compilation (1/4)

As promised before (a day late aha;;), I shall be uploading a series of WIP pics for my Hiccup cosplay. I hope this can serve as a guide for other potential Hiccup cosplayers! Please note, I have no idea what the actual terminology for some parts of this outfit is, I will use weird names lol. Feel free to ask questions. 

Click the pics for caption corresponding to the notes underneath.

Here we go~

PIC 1 - Green shirt / vest base
- I started off with his green base shirt (it’s hard to tell in reference pics, but it is two different greens). It’s meant to be two layers but to make things lighter, I just attached fake sleeves of a different green 8’Db
- Then for his scale vest, I first made a plain fitted (darts darts darts~) base for the scales to attach to later.


-Using paper templates, I estimated how big each scale had to be, then comes endless ENDLESS amounts of tracing, cutting, pressing and crying. Rinse and repeat till your soul leaves you.
- Starting from the sides of the vest, the scales are arranged and sewn on row by row..

PIC 3 - Scale vest base
-Scales attached! ;A; At this point I had reached 350+ scales;; I didn’t bother going all the way to the top since it’ll be covered by the black top anyway.
- The overhanging scales were then trimmed back at the edges, back to the shape of the vest base.

PIC 4 - Scale vest/back fin complete!
- I cut out another piece of leather to act as the edging to the vest, and glued it in place first.
- COMMENCE HAND STITCHING HELL (actually it’s not too bad, it was kinda therapeutic). Awls are your best friend when working with leather. Buy an awl, you will be thankful later.
- Then I punched in some eyelets at the front for the string to thread through and hold the front closed when wearing :Db
- His back fin was just another piece of interfaced (so it would stand) leather that I hand stitched on too

PIC 5 - drafting the black bolero vest
-Black bolero vest thingy time!
- I used scrap fabric to suss out a pattern, then pulled the mock apart to use as real pattern for the leather, pretty straight forward there.
- The leather bolero vest is actually interfaced, and upon realizing that interfacing alone is not enough to hold the shape I want, I lined it in black felt. Ghetto, but hey it works 8’D

PIC 6 - Detailing on the black bolero vest
-Completed bolero vest base! It’s hard to tell in pics but I actually took my awl and unpicker to it and scratched it up here and there for battle damaged look.
- I then threaded thru some brown leather trim thingy in the sides and back, since it looks nice and it’s actually part of the design too
- two tabs with snap buttons at the bottom (and brass studs in the top), it helps to hold the vest together!

PIC 7 - Chest buckle strap
-Giant buckle loop thingy of doom~ It’s pretty much impossible to buy a buckle that big (from melb anyway), so I ended up molding it, and the thing it connects to, out of worbla.
- I also molded the two extra big studs on the chest belt thingy out of worbla.
- Completed bolero vest with the scale vest underneath!

Part 2 to come~! *will edit for link after I post it*

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Here are some dogs enjoying Popsicles. 

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40 Day Pokémon Challenge | Day 11

Favorite Grass TypeShaymin

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why do height differences in shipping always have to be about one being really tiny and the other being really tall. what about one being exactly a single inch taller than the other and the second being consistently angry about this.

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Concept Sketches for Hiccup the Second, Prince of Tomorrow

He had me at ‘raised by dragons’ ;_; This kid’s story was one of my favorite parts about the dragons books, I just love him to bits. “How To Break A Dragon’s Heart” really just detailed bright blonde hair, bright blue eyes, but I always picture overgrown hair and lots of dirt too (◡‿◡✿)

I have this headcanon that growing up in a dragon family meant no clothes, no shoes, no haircuts, so by the time Grimbeard adopted him back he had the whole untamed thing down as a way of life. Then when they first try to wrestle him into Viking clothes Hiccup is just like OH HELL NO and they have to contend with this shrieking, biting wild child who doesn’t know a lick of Norse to be reasoned with and only just throws his clothes off an hour later because clothes are uncomfortable and heavy and I AM A DRAGON I WILL NOT BE CAGED >:V

Then even as he grows up there’s these dragon habits that he never seems to shake, like hunting barefoot and hissing and growling when he’s annoyed c:

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There’s beauty and there’s danger here
Split the ice apart
Beware the frozen heart

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